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December 6, 2021

Tomorrow's Confidence, Today. Avvir Accelerate Launches to the AEC Industry

For owners, there are an infinite number of decisions that need to be made at the beginning of a project. Site selection, building orientation, and system selection are only a select few of the project variables that must be evaluated.

For general contractors, gathering documentation, understanding design intent, federating trade-specific BIM models and translating all that information into a comprehensive schedule and cost estimate is an uphill battle every project team faces.

On December 1st, 2021 Avvir Accelerate launched as a planning and consulting service that helps streamline entire projects by providing customers with the tools and practices for finding, communicating and acting on project information more efficiently. Whether a customer is a general contractor or owner, or services are needed from the early programming stage pre-RFP, the design development phase, or the pre-construction and construction phases, our experts can help.

For more information on Avvir Accelerate and how our team can become an extension of your own, reach out to us here.

Coverage of Avvir Accelerate can also be found at Construction Pros, Yahoo! Finance, Associated Press, MarketWatch, Nasdaq and Benzinga

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