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February 8, 2022

Avvir Augments Software Platform With Data Capture Services Offering As Solution Evolves

Avvir announced Feb. 7 that it is expanding beyond only software to on-site services. The plan is to leverage internal resources and its network of vendors to collect photogrammetry data including Lidar scans, drone imagery and 360-degree photos on behalf of their customers. The established base of the company’s software platform provides a distribution channel for the Avvir Onsite service. Work will be performed by a combination of company employees and external vendors.

Check out the new article by Construction Pros about Avvir Onsite, and how our staff and customers can now perform photogrammetry and back-end processes as our solutions and services continue to grow.

Read article here.

3 Tips for using BIM as a Database throughout the Project Lifecycle

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