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February 7, 2022

Announcing Avvir Onsite, a one-stop shop for reality capture!

Avvir is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest service, Avvir Onsite. This new service offers construction managers a one-stop shop for reality capture needs, from traditional stationary 3D Lidar scanning, to 360° photo capture, to drone photography. Avvir Onsite’s 3D scanning and photo capture services provide enhanced findings both as a standalone product and in conjunction with our existing offerings.

Avvir Onsite new services being offered:

To learn more about the services offered, you can check out our Avvir Onsite one-pager here. You can also contact the Avvir Onsite team to have a more in depth conversation on how they can help.

Part of Avvir's mission is to partner and educate our customers and the construction industry on the latest innovations in the built world. Reality capture is changing the construction industry in many ways, from how it documents the progress of work being done on construction sites, identifies risk and safety problems, as well as using it to capture quality and installation issues. The way we build is changing, from tools and services to how we use data available to us.

So we’re excited to announce the release of our new eBook, “How Reality Capture and Reality Analysis is Changing the Construction Industry”.

In this eBook we cover:

It’s a thorough look into how reality capture shapes the construction industries day to day life and where it’s used during both construction and post-construction.

You can download the eBook over at our Resource Hub today.

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