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October 15, 2021

Interview with Raffi Holzer about Automation in Construction

Automation and digitization are revolutionizing nearly every industry in the world, even old-school construction. Contractors and developers are leaning into this technology as it becomes more commonplace, and they see an increased need for enhanced productivity, quality, and safety due to continued urbanization.

The construction robot market will reach $166.4M by 2023, up from $76.6M in 2018. From design through final inspection, robotics are transforming the way we build the country’s infrastructure, propelling construction into a new and exciting stage. Utilizing these tools significantly alters many crucial tasks, including design translation, 3D printing structures, task repetition, progress tracking, and job site safety.

To know more about the impact and the applications of automation and robotics in construction, we at RoboticsBiz connected with Raffi Holzer – co-founder, and CEO of Avvir, a software platform company based in NYC, reshaping the way project owners and contractors manage construction progress. Avvir employs computer vision and deep learning to provide automated construction verification and progress monitoring.

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