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July 14, 2021

Quarterly Product Updates - July 2021

Avvir's 2021 Q2 Product Releases and Updates

We’ve been hard at work adding and improving features to help make Avvir even more valuable for you. We’re excited to share these new improvements and we hope you enjoy using them as much as we did building them.

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Design-build support

It’s dead simple: if your design-build project has a BIM that requires updates within the construction phase, you can upload your new BIM and see the updated model in Avvir within 48 hours. That’s it! You’ll also see all your Avvir analysis (Progress & Inspect) and model metadata preserved in the new BIM.

360° photos & multivista support

Avvir can now seamlessly ingest photos from Multivista (in addition to StructionSite)! You can use your Multivista 360° photos to power Avvir Progress’ precise and automatic quantification of progress onsite.

Visualize and measure construction progress by comparing 360° photos to your BIM

Use your photo to label element statuses for automatic progress quantification and reporting

Gain more insight and context into what’s happening onsite by comparing point clouds and photos, to the BIM.

Improved Model viewer

We’ve launched new cloud-based model viewers for Avvir Inspect and Avvir Progress. Our new viewer starts rendering your model immediately and loads faster so you can start working as soon as you log in to Avvir. It also provides a bunch of new features to help you get work done, including:

Improved progress reporting

More granular, interactive progress reporting allows you to better understand your project’s overall progress, your floors’ progress per trade, and your trades’ progress per floor. Progress metrics can now be pulled between any two dates. Improved progress reporting is available via PowerBI and PDF.

Progress overview gives you insight into floor and trade progress across your entire project, between two dates.

Trade progress gives you insight into a trade’s overall progress and progress per area, between two dates.

Area progress gives you insight into an Area’s overall progress and progress per trade, between two dates.

Identify future clashes with impact analysis

Avvir now identifies impactful installation issues by analyzing conflicts between elements that are built but deviated, and elements that are not built. These reports are available as PDFs so they can be shared to the field quickly to identify and resolve issues before they require massive rework.

Example of a floor with multiple impactful deviations helps you spot trends and systemic issues.

Example of a duct that is built deviated and will potentially clash with a duct that is not built yet with instructions for how to get it fixed in the field.

We’d love to hear any feedback you have on Avvir and what we can do to make our product even better. If you’re curious as to what Avvir can do for your business you can request a demo.

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