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January 7, 2022

Advances in Robotics and Automation can Prevent Accidents

Check out this article from Construction Global, where our CEO, Raffi Holzer, spoke with Dominic Ellis on how new technologies, such as robotics and automation, can prevent accidents such as the Surfside tragedy in the construction industry and beyond.

Construction problems are plaguing construction firms when building plans don’t match the reality of the construction jobsite. This gap between reality and plan renders traditional BIM obsolete when the ground is broken. In addition, traditional software is susceptible to human error during data capture, so the time is now to change the future.

New technologies are solving this problem. Across the country, robots - whether they be four-legged machines or flying drones - are patrolling job sites and feeding laser scans and other reality capture data into software systems.

Accurate to less than an inch, this data can be collected in a fraction of the time required by human crews using photography, tape measures, and visual jobsite inspection. For example, one job site in northern California utilized robots mounted with 3D cameras to scan 50,000-foot floors in as little as 20-minutes. Robotics, automation and other technologies are transforming the construction industry today.

You can read the full article here.

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