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Avvir understands Owners.

Owners trust Avvir's automated risk analysis platform to gain financial visibility and confidence into their projects actual earned value.


Why Owners Trust Us.

Model-Based Production Tracking

Feel confident that your contractor is on track to meet key project milestones and turnover dates with Avvir's automated production tracking.

Financial Visibility

Be confident in work completed and billed by visualizing progress in your BIM with reality capture data.

Project Database

Make better investment decisions with standardized data across your portfolio.

Up-to-Date BIM with As-Built Conditions

Empower operations teams by having an up-to-date BIM with as-built conditions for facilities management and future renovations.

Fix Mistakes  & Reduce Costly Rework

Automatically detect critical path issues and evaluate their impact in order to maintain quality and prevent unnecessary schedule and budget overruns.

How Owners Use Us.

Execute with more confidence across the entire project lifecycle with the Avvir Platform


Tomorrow’s confidence, today.

Avvir Accelerate is a service that helps you streamline your entire project by providing you with the tools and practices for finding, communicating, and acting on project information more efficiently. You’ll work side-by-side with our team of experts, allowing you to learn and master the practices and tools needed to become one of the best in the field.

By engaging our experts, you can expect:

  • Faster decision making based on past data

  • Increased accuracy and confidence in cost and schedule

  • Lower project risk earlier on

Three construction workers on the construction site


Capture data with our team of experts.

Need data to aid in existing condition assessments before a lease is signed? Our service, Avvir Onsite, is a one-stop-shop for your reality capture needs. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing accurate and cost-efficient onsite reality capture needs by employing the latest capture technology.

Onsite services include:

  • Stationary and mobile LiDAR as well as 360 photo/video walks

  • Post capture services that include Scan to BIM and Scan vs BIM analysis

Two construction workers surveyings the site


Track production and stay ahead of the critical path.

Avvir derisks the critical path by objectively quantifying your projects' progress compared to schedule. Our algorithm statuses each and every BIM element as built or not-built based on comparison of the point cloud data or 360 photos to the BIM.

With Progress 4D, you can:

  • Ensure your contractor is on track to meet milestones and turnover dates

  • Automatically detect when trades are behind and jeopardizing the critical path



Review your projects’ progress within the context of capital.

Avvir tracks installed value for each line item in your team's work breakdown structure or schedule of values against expected value. Use this insight to validate budget and cash flow all within Avvir – no more back and forth emails or various copies of files across different systems with your contractor.

With Progress 5D, you’ll be able to:

  • Feel confident approving payment applications

  • Reduce friction and time required to issue payments -- keeping all parties on track to effectively manage cash flow


Maximize your team’s efficiency by redirecting effort toward resolving issues, instead of finding them.

Avvir automatically compares your BIM and LiDAR point clouds to identify installation issues that may have downstream impact on budget or schedule. For items that don’t need to be fixed in the field, Avvir lets your GC create accurate as-builts based on reality capture data so your as-models are ready to be used for reference and facility management.

With Inspect, you’ll be able to:

  • Automate the production of your as-built models

  • Have a digital twin for facilities management and future renovations

  • Prevent unnecessary schedule and budget overruns



Transform your BIM into a central, interactive system of record.

Avvir provides cloud-based, mobile friendly access to your BIM throughout your project. Our powerful but simple-to-use “SQL for BIM” enables you to dynamically visualize answers to your questions by using your BIM as the central source of truth.

With BIMbase, you’ll be able to:

  • Access real-time data from your  BIM with no seat restrictions

  • Answer questions you have about your BIM or project without having to wait on answers from your GC or consultants

Laptop with rendering of software

With Avvir’s Reality Analysis Platform, you can gain full visibility into your projects and manage financial and delivery risks in an objective, transparent, and auditable way. If you’re ready to take your project to the next level, reach out today to see how we can give you complete knowledge of your project.

Read more about our products and services
Men showing construction tool to group

A precise picture of progress - Tab 1

See how our platform harnesses the power of your reality capture data to automate progress tracking, QC, and create an as-built BIM. Focus on solving issues, not finding them.

Men showing construction tool to group

A precise picture of progress - Tab 1

See how our platform harnesses the power of your reality capture data to automate progress tracking, QC, and create an as-built BIM. Focus on solving issues, not finding them.

Men showing construction tool to group

A precise picture of progress - Tab 2

See how our platform harnesses the power of your reality capture data to automate progress tracking, QC, and create an as-built BIM. Focus on solving issues, not finding them.

"I could move faster, giving updates to the project team on a weekly basis so they could proactively get ahead of predicted clashes that had to be addressed in the field."
Kevin Marren
Trusted by clients
“It’s all about automation and saving time. We are going down a path with Avvir that a few years ago we never thought was possible.”
Vincent Marques
VDC Manager, Swinerton Builders
Trusted by clients
“The power of the visuals generated by Avvir, validated by the Building Information Model (BIM), tying back to our P6 schedule makes Avvir’s platform a reliable source for project update documentation. This visual data is indisputable and productive to bring to the table when we’re talking to our client.”
Scott Mettler
Project Manager
Trusted by clients
“Avvir allowed us to complete RVA 3. I don’t want to think about where we would have been without them.”
Tim Conroy
Northeast Field Technology Group Leader
DPR Construction

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See how Avvir can give you complete knowledge of your build, at any time.

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Things are changing at AVVIR.

As per recent communication, following the Hexagon acquisition of AVVIR in October 2022, the AVVIR platform is now incorporated into Hexagon’s portfolio. The AVVIR (brand) and website will become part of Hexagon’s new Building Solutions website as of February 1st, 2024 expanding Hexagon’s portfolio of integrated construction solutions.

Existing Avvir customers who access their projects through the portal.avvir.io website can now find their projects on the Hexagon Construction Analysis Portal https://cap.hexagon.com

Moving forward, things are only improving with Hexagon’s portfolio of construction solutions as the AVVIR platform and resources become part of Hexagon’s Building Solutions. Check out Hexagon’s Building Solutions website at https://buildings.hexagon.com/