Who We Are

A new level of analysis for the built world.

Avvir harnesses the power of your reality capture data by automating progress and earned value tracking, quality control, and as-built creation. Allowing you to solve issues, not find them.


How we’re steering the built world into the future.

We envision buildings and everything inside them, represented by digital twins, that show not just an asset’s geometry, but every aspect of it, enabling complete knowledge of a build, at any time. We want to be at the forefront of this digitization journey, and we believe the best way to do that is during construction.

How we are steering the building world into the future.

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A short story. With long-range vision.

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December 2017

Raffi Holzer, CEO, and Tira Odhner, CTO found Avvir.

January 2018

First pilot launches.

February 2018

Raises $50,000 in Angel Round.

April 2019

Raises seed round of $2.5M from Khosla Ventures, MetaProp and others.

Avvir launches official product offering to public.

September 2019

Photos incorporated in addition to LIDAR.

June 2020

Raises $10M Series A from Trust Ventures, Khosla Ventures and others

March 2021
Our values

What we believe.

Part of who we are is what we stand for. We believe you should be passionate about what you do, but that it should enrich your life, not take it over.

Common Decency

Passion for the Work

Importance of Personal Life

Outcome over Effort

Meet the Leadership Team.

Our leadership team is dedicated to bringing a new level of analysis to the built world and to growing a diverse team that encourages innovation and team work.

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Avvir is changing the way we interact with the built world.

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