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October 19, 2023

Avvir vs. Buildots — Which Is Best for You?

In the construction industry, technology has become a driving force behind efficiency, accuracy, and project success. Two notable players in this field, Avvir and Buildots, have gained attention for their innovative approaches to construction project management, monitoring, and progress tracking.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the details of these two companies, explore their core technologies, and compare various aspects of each to help you make an informed choice for your construction project.

Avvir: An Overview

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Avvir is a construction technology company that has made significant strides in modernizing the construction industry. Avvir was founded in New York City by Raffi Holzer in 2016. The company focuses on leveraging 360 Photography, 3D laser scanning, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to create accurate progress reporting and deviation analysis for construction projects.

Core Technology

Avvir utilizes 3D laser scanning technology and 360-degree photography to capture the as-built conditions of a construction site. It analyzes reality capture data and compares them with the BIM model, providing automated progress tracking and highlighting deviations and changes. 

This in turn allows for near real-time progress monitoring, thanks to a combination of AI and computer vision. This approach ensures that construction projects are executed with remarkable accuracy. Deviations from the original design are immediately identified. By continuously monitoring and updating the as-built data against the BIM models, Avvir offers construction teams a dynamic tool for quality control, issue detection, and progress tracking throughout construction.

Lastly, this technology not only streamlines construction processes but also lays the foundation for comprehensive 4D (schedule) and 5D (cost) analyses, making Avvir a pioneering force in the digital transformation of the construction industry.

Key Features of Avvir

Buildots: Avvir Benefits

Avvir offers construction management companies, subcontractors, and real estate owners numerous key features. These include:

Buildots: An Overview

Buildots is a construction technology company founded by Roy Danon, Aviv Leibovici, and Yakir Sudry in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2018. The startup has since expanded into North America.

These co-founders established the company with the goal of improving construction project management through the use of artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies. Buildots' innovative approach to real-time progress tracking has garnered significant attention in the construction industry.

Core Technology

At its core, Buildots offers a unique solution that combines AI, computer vision, and BIM data to provide near real-time insights into the construction process.

Buildots leverages a combination of AI and computer vision to monitor construction progress. Its system involves attaching hardhat-mounted cameras and capturing images throughout the construction site. These images are then analyzed, allowing Buildots to compare the actual progress with the BIM model. This technology enables project teams to identify discrepancies quickly and make informed decisions.

Key Features of Buildots

Below is a summary of the key features Buildots offers to construction companies:

Comparing Buildots and Avvir

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Now that you have a better understanding of both Avvir and Buildots, let's compare these two solutions in several key areas to help you make an informed decision about which is best for your project.

Technology Approach

Avvir and Buildots take a similar BIM-centric approach to progress tracking; however, Buildots only ingests 360 Photography captured via the Buildots application. Avvir can provide progress reporting based on 360 Photography and LIDAR scans.

Data Integration

Both Buildots and Avvir prioritize data integration, allowing seamless collaboration with other construction software and tools. Avvir takes collaboration one step further by allowing users to capture 360 Photos in a number of partnering platforms such as Multivista and Drone Deploy and perform analysis within Avvir. 

Use Cases

Avvir's capabilities extend beyond construction, making it a valuable tool for post-construction verification and facility management. Buildots is primarily focused on project monitoring and management during the construction phase, with a strong emphasis on task tracking and issue identification.

Why Avvir May Be the Better Choice

While both Buildots and Avvir offer innovative solutions for the construction industry, there are specific reasons why Avvir may be the better choice for certain construction projects.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Avvir's use of 3D laser scanning technology sets it apart in terms of capabilities and accuracy. This precision is crucial for complex projects where even slight deviations can have significant consequences. When it comes to ensuring that what is built matches the initial design down to the millimeter, Avvir's technology shines.

Comprehensive As-Built Documentation

Avvir's approach of creating detailed as-built documentation has benefits beyond the construction phase. This data can be used for post-construction verification, facility management, and even renovations. It provides long-term value beyond the initial construction project.

Flexibility Across Phases

Avvir's technology isn't limited to just one phase of construction. It can be utilized from project inception through construction and into the post-construction phase. This continuity in data and technology can streamline the entire construction life cycle.

Real-Time Quality Control

For projects that demand real-time quality control and immediate corrective actions, Avvir's technology, which compares as-built conditions to BIM models, is a valuable asset. It can help ensure that the project stays on track and within specifications at all times.

Comprehensive Data Integration

Avvir's commitment to seamless data integration ensures that project teams can collaborate efficiently and share critical work plan information. This enhances communication and decision-making across the board.

Construction Technology Can Improve Your Next Project

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In the construction industry, where precision, accuracy, and real-time monitoring are paramount, technology plays an increasingly significant role. Both Buildots and Avvir offer valuable solutions, but the choice between them should depend on the specific needs of your project.

If you require unparalleled accuracy, comprehensive as-built documentation, flexibility across project phases, and real-time quality control, Avvir emerges as the superior choice. Be sure to contact Avvir to learn more about how the platform can improve your next construction project.

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