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March 27, 2023

Quarterly Product Releases and Updates - March 2023

What’s New

.BCF Issues Integration Improvements

Deepening Avvir’s ability to fit seamlessly into your existing workflows, we have improved on our existing .BCF integration. The update gives you more control over what information is exported from Avvir. For example, you can now bulk export deviations to .BCF based on parameters like scope and deviation tolerance that you define. You now have the ability to select a single deviation or a cluster of deviations and export your selection to BCF. You now have a more powerful way to export insights from Avvir into other platforms, like Revizto.

Better Understanding with Dynamic Point Cloud Trimming

This feature came from our annual hackathon (and won the contest)! Avvir can now show only points near elements that you’re looking at, making it easier to visually compare point clouds to elements and understand Avvir’s deviation results. As you move around, Avvir dynamically  removes non-salient point cloud noise to help you understand what is happening on site.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Explorer Filters

Spend less time clicking buttons and more time diving into Avvir’s rich analysis. You can toggle which elements show in the Explorer 

shift+C - Toggle Clash ON/OFF

shift+V - Toggle Deviated ON/OFF

shift+B - Toggle Built ON/OFF

shift+N - Toggle Not built ON/OFF
shift+P - Push-to-BIM

Deviated Element Bulk Actions:

We’ve streamlined the way you can manage deviations within Avvir. Now, you can act on multiple deviations at once instead of painfully having to go one-by-one. While reviewing deviations in our Explorer, you can now multi-select a group of deviations in the viewer and act on all of them at once. For example, you can now bulk Push-to-BIM or bulk Resolve a group of deviations.

What’s Coming Soon

Enhanced Future Clash Detection

Avvir helps prevent costly rework by identifying installation mistakes that will “clash” with upcoming, “impeded” planned work. We’re adding the ability to understand what is impeded when there is a clash to make it easier to act. You can now quickly see what is at risk of rework, what trades will be impacted, and (eventually) how long you have to resolve the issue before the threat of rework becomes actual rework. 

This is expected to be released by the end of Q1, but may not be available until Q2.

Inspect UI Updates

We’re building a new Avvir Inspect experience! With a full revamp of how we present deviations, clashes, and impeded elements within the Avvir portal, we are working on a new, simpler workflow that will empower you to sort, manage, and act upon deviations detected in the field. Ultimately, you will spend less time sorting through analysis and data and more time acting on it.

You can find the press release for this product update here.

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