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January 17, 2023

Quarterly Product Releases and Updates - January 2023

What's new:

The end of 2022 was a busy season for us, and we're excited to announce the following updates to our platform.

Easily navigate to different parts of our application

With the new navigation, we’ve made it easier to find information in our app and support custom workflows. The new navigation enhances our best-in-class Progress and Issue tracking with new movable panels to customize your view, bringing enhanced focus to the information that you need

Customize your view 

Turn all panels on and off to create custom workflows and views of Avvir’s data. Plus, change your element colors with an explicit color mode selector so that you can always see your BIM elements in their original trade colors and filter on Built Status at the same time.

Project Summary View

The beta version of our streamlined Project Summary view has launched for select customers. With the launch of our Project Summary view, users now have the ability to visualize their trades’ progress against a full, simplified, and interactive model of your building, so that you can see what areas your trades have started and where they are working. With the release of Project Summary, we now have a simplified view of overall project progress that is useful for project stakeholders at the executive and ownership level.

What’s Coming Soon:

Enhanced Clash Detection

Take action on critical clashes with enhanced detail on impeded elements. We are enhancing our clash detection to identify and highlight the elements that will be impacted in future stages of construction.

.BCF Issues Integration Improvements

Avvir continues to support our customers by ensuring Avvir analysis and insights fit seamlessly into their existing workflows and software ecosystems. We are working on providing users with more creative control over the Avvir deviations they choose to export for issue tracking outside of Avvir. Users will be able to fully customize their export to .BCF, including the ability to filter deviations for only certain trades at specific tolerances. These custom .BCF exports will enhance our existing integration into platforms like Revizto.

Inspect UI Updates

We’re building a new Avvir Inspect experience! With a full revamp of how we present deviations within the Avvir portal, we are working on a new workflow that will empower users to sort, manage and act upon deviations detected in the field.

If you'd like to learn more about our products, check out the Avvir Solution page here. You can also head over to our YouTube channel to hear from Avvir, Multivista, Leica Geosystems and OxBlue on what we think is coming for the construction industry in 2023.

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