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December 1, 2021

Quarterly Product Releases and Updates - December 2021

Looking Back at 2021

2021 was a busy year for Avvir. From securing our Series A to continuously innovating our offerings, the team has been hard at work creating a new level of analysis for the built world. We’re excited to announce what’s coming this winter, but first let's take a look back at what product features came to life this year.

Breakdown your construction progress in any conceivable way with improved trade, schedule, and trend reporting

We invested heavily in improving the ways in which you break down, understand, and interact with Avvir’s progress analysis. We added a 4D Dashboard that tracks project progress compared to schedule (with support for a current and baseline schedule) so that you can quickly identify trades that are behind schedule or demonstrate how past delays, change orders, etc. impact current progress. We also added more detailed progress reports into the application so that you can better understand trends in progress or quality. Understanding the health of your construction progress couldn’t be simpler or easier to communicate.

Isolate the deviations that will have a major impact with our Impact Analysis and Report

The field needs a simple digest that they can access universally on mobile devices or print that tells them what to fix to prevent costly rework or stay on schedule. Our Impact Analysis and Report does just that. It’s a simple PDF that helps your field understand what issues need to be addressed, where to find them on site, and what is wrong. Acting on Avvir Inspect’s analysis couldn’t be easier.

Faster-to-load, support for larger models, and more features in our 3D Viewer

Our 3D Viewer comprises the core of our product offering for many users. We invested heavily in improving that experience. Our new viewer loads your model almost instantly, so you can start working as soon as you login. It also supports larger BIM models, so that we can better accommodate your large projects. It also includes industry standard BIM/3D interaction features like the ability to measure distance between elements, interact with the model with different controls, view the model tree, and filter visible elements by status. Interacting with your BIM in Avvir couldn’t be faster or more intuitive.

Get Progress 4D/5D analysis without the need for weekly LiDAR scans with 360° Photos

Leverage your existing 360° photo capture to gain valuable insights into your project’s construction progress with Progress 4D and 5D powered by 360° photos. We built initial support for 360° photos from StructionSite and Multivista. We added major UX improvements to the 360° viewer so it is easier to find the right photo, navigate between photos, or understand where you’re looking in both the BIM and camera.

Better support for BIM changes

We now support updating BIMs throughout the project lifecycle. This means that the BIM you’re viewing in the portal and analysis you see is against the most recent BIM. This allows Avvir to keep up with design-build projects in addition to better supporting change orders that impact the BIM. 

Share a view of BIM or an issue to make it easier to take action without 3rd party software

Stop taking screenshots of issues or calling your coworker to look over your shoulder with Share a View. Share a View allows you to create a unique URL that, when opened, shows exactly what you were looking at previously – whether you’ve applied a specific Avvir inspection mode, trade filters, or selected elements. This new feature makes it easy to gain insight directly from the Avvir platform with your team, field, or stakeholders without requiring any 3rd party software.

What’s Now Available

Avvir Accelerate

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new service, Avvir Accelerate. While the landscape of construction technology is radically changing, we understand that software solutions cannot be the sole agent of change.

For owners, there are an infinite number of decisions that need to be made at the beginning of a project. Site selection, building orientation, and system selection are only a select few of the project variables that must be evaluated.

For general contractors, gathering documentation, understanding design intent, federating trade-specific BIM models and translating all that information into a comprehensive schedule and cost estimate is an uphill battle every project team faces. 

Avvir Accelerate is a planning and consulting service that helps streamline your entire project by providing you with the tools and practices for finding, communicating and acting on project information more efficiently. Whether you’re a general contractor or owner, or services are needed from the early programming stage pre-RFP, the design development phase, or the pre-construction and construction phases, our experts can help.

What’s Coming Later this Year

Clashing Deviations in Viewer

Avvir provides the richest breadth and depth of data, but knowing what requires your attention now is essential to preventing rework and protecting your project schedule. Soon, Avvir will include clashing deviations in the viewer so you know what will require your immediate attention.

BIMTrack Integration

We’re making it even easier to act on any insight that Avvir surfaces. With our upcoming BIMTrack integration, you’ll be able to push one or multiple issues to BIMTrack, see new issues you haven’t already pushed, and have automatic status updating in Avvir. So, when you close an issue in BIMTrack, it’ll be closed in Avvir.

New Machine Learning Progress Analysis

At the core of Avvir is our analysis. We’re looking forward to augmenting our current analysis with a new machine learning model to increase our prediction accuracy, decrease the time to receive results, and accelerate the development of new analyses and features.

Quarterly Product Release + Avvir Accelerate Press Release

Take a further deep dive into our product and services offering on the solutions page of, or if you'd like to talk to someone at Avvir, please request a demo and we'll get back to you shortly.

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