The flexible Constru alternative you've been looking for.

Give your team control with automated schedule tracking, cost and earned value analysis, installation issue detection, and an updated BIM with as-built conditions.

Our algorithms improve visibility into your project, accurately tracking work-in-place by utilizing reality capture data from the field. Plus, Avvir's interactive dashboards and field reports are easily shared with Owners, Project Teams, Project Executives and Subcontractors so you can have a deeper, shared understanding of your project's performance.

BIM-focused reality analysis for the built world.

Avvir's BIM-focused reality analysis platform helps you deliver on plan by enabling your team to fix mistakes, reduce costly rework, prevent critical path delays, and gain accurate, transparent financial visibility into your project's progress.


Avvir is here to work with you. We're built to fit within the larger construction technology ecosystem. We work seamlessly with many of your existing systems from photo capture, to construction workflow management to laser scans and 360 photos.