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November 22, 2021

AECOM Tishman: Leveraging Reality Capture Analysis

AECOM is a world-class infrastructure consulting firm driven by a vision of a world where infrastructure creates opportunity for everyone - uplifting communities, improving access and sustaining our planet. AECOM Tishman, an Avvir customer, is a fully owned subsidiary of AECOM and sits within their Construction Management business. AECOM needed the market's best Reality Capture Analysis solution.

The Challenge

The team at AECOM Tishman was tasked with evaluating automated progress tracking solutions to figure out which had the best-in-class offering for deployment. The team decided a new project they had, the Manhattan West mega build, was the ideal candidate for an Avvir pilot, testing our reality capture analysis with 7 mechanical floors and 236,966 SqFt.

Christian Peña, Project Manager – Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) felt Manhattan West would be worthy to gauge the capabilities of the Avvir platform. “Managing reality capture data sets can be daunting and we need a solution to do the heavy lifting of processing and visualizing data in objective ways.”

For AECOM Tishman’s Project Director Moheb Beshara, the pain points on a large-scale project like this can be put into three buckets: tracking progress, identifying deviations, and managing ongoing design changes throughout construction. Clashes on the jobsite become costly rework, so the aim is to proactively address deviations ahead of time by first capturing deviations between field installations and the Building Information Model (BIM).

The Solution 

Avvir’s Reality Analysis Platform was well placed to deliver an accurate system of record with meaningful project insights. Avvir Inspect deviation analysis and Avvir Progress tracking were the main solutions to test, plus the inclusion of several custom reports uniquely tailored to AECOM Tishman’s needs. The team also conducted reality capture on a weekly basis with Structionsite photo capture and terrestrial scans.

The elements of the pilot solution were 3-fold:

1. Progress tracking: charting progress by comparing weekly 360 photos to the BIM and manipulating the data to produce a spectrum of custom reports.

2. Rework prevention: automating comparison between the BIM and laser scans of existing conditions to identify discrepancies between design intent and reality.

3. Accurate as-built: identifying discrepancies between the BIM location and as-built reality, and automatically pushing updates to the model based on existing conditions.

To read about the result and conclusion of the AECOM Tishman Avvir pilot, download the case study here.

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