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August 30, 2021

Quarterly Product Updates - August 2021

Avvir's 2021 Q3 Product Updates and Releases

We’re excited to introduce our Product Updates for August! Our engineering team has been hard at work to bring trade progress reports, our interactive 3D viewer, and more to life!

Easily visualize and communicate what's built or needs to be built

Along with quantifying your construction progress, Avvir now lets you see your construction progress that has been completed to date in our interactive 3D Viewer. Additionally, you can identify and easily communicate what remains to be built to better coordinate the field.

Interact with your built or not built elements

Get better insights from our PDF trade progress reports

Ever want to know how much progress your project (or a trade) made last week, last month, or last quarter? Or how much progress was completed between any two dates based on reality capture? Now you can! Our Improved Progress PDF reports let’s choose the timeframe you want your progress data broken down by so you can more easily share insights with your team.

The new Trade Progress PDF Report lets you quantify and share progress between any two reality capture dates!

Photo navigation improvements

We’ve made it even easier to navigate around your Digital Twin when using photos! Now, you can understand what direction you’re looking at when viewing a 3D photo. We’ve also made it easier to find and select the correct photo from your 2D floor plan.

See the direction you’re looking at when comparing a 360° photo to your BIM

We’d love to hear any feedback you have on Avvir and what we can do to make our product even better. If you’re curious as to what Avvir can do for your business you can request a meeting with our team here!

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