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October 18, 2021

Built Technologies Raises $125 Million for Construction Finance

In 2021, the construction industry has spent $1.58 trillion through August. While construction is a massive industry, it generally has been notoriously slow to adapt to technological advancements. The pandemic has undeniably helped fast-forward the real estate industry, including finance and construction, into the 21st century with things like digital closings, virtual notaries, electronic signatures, and digitized closing and project management systems, but there's still a huge market share that isn't being served. That's why start-ups like Built Technologies, among other start-ups like Avvir and Workrise, are receiving major financial backing to help expand, grow, and innovate.

Construction companies in particular have been battling supply chain interruptions, rising inflation, and labor shortages, all of which impact its bottom line and project timeline. This also makes it challenging for financial institutions to monitor the projects or underwrite potential projects. Big-name banks, including Live Oak, Regions, and U.S. Bank, have partnered with Built Technologies to improve their lending systems in this field, and it's likely others will continue to follow suit as long as the company continues to find ways to better serve the industry's needs.

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