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October 13, 2022

Quarterly Product Releases and Updates - October 2022

What’s New

Q4 Product Updates: Avvir Joins Hexagon AB, Announces New Integrations and Product Enhancements

Avvir joins Hexagon AB

We’re excited to announce we’ve joined Hexagon AB in their Geosystems division! We have a longstanding relationship with Hexagon and know this will be an ideal home for Avvir and a place to accelerate our shared vision for the construction industry. You can read the press release here. Stay tuned for a new era of construction technology.

Avvir Cost Beta!!

We released multiple improvements to help you better track your project and scope costs against your Schedule of Values, so that you have unparalleled financial visibility and confidence into your actual earned value. We’ve improved Cost Comments so that it’s easier to find line items that require your attention and approval. We’ve linked Cost Comments to our existing detailed 3D viewer so you can fully and visually contextualize the Subcontractor’s justification with Avvir’s detailed analysis of work completed. To keep sensitive costs information private, we’ve made it so Subcontractors can only view Cost tracking details they have explicit permission for.

Upgrade Your Workflows with the DroneDeploy and Avvir Integration

We’ve begun integrating with our partners at DroneDeploy to unlock a smooth pipeline between Avvir’s BIM-focused reality analysis platform and DroneDeploy’s reality capture for construction. This workflow, which is currently in beta and will be available early next year, will enable teams to track progress using AI to determine the percentage of completion during each phase of work.

We fit into even more existing Quality Control workflows than before with Revizto + .BCF Issues Integration

We’ve made it easier to act on deviations, clashes, and issues in Revizto and other applications that use the industry standard .bcf file format. We’ve added support for exporting a list of key issues into .bcf so that it can be imported into your favorite Quality Control or Issue Management software.

Password Reset

Yes, finally! No longer do you need to email Avvir to reset your password and gain access to your account.

Do Not Track

Not everything in your BIM needs to be tracked and quantified. Our Do Not Track feature allows you to determine if certain parts of your building – really any elements in your BIM –  don’t need to be tracked and quantified by the Avvir platform.

Algorithm Performance Improvements

We enhanced our algorithm to improve prediction performance. Now, our analysis will make better, more accurate decisions based on an element’s trade, shape, and size.

What’s Coming Soon

Project Summary View

Streamline Owner communication and field coordination with our upcoming Project Summary View. It will allow you to visualize your trades’ progress against a full, simplified, and interactive model of your building, so that you can see what areas your trades have started and where they are working. You can use this to communicate progress to owners at the level of granularity they care about with confidence in your reporting since it is backed by Avvir’s robust, detailed analysis. Additionally, you can use this to improve field coordination by quickly highlighting areas in your building that require your attention and discussion.

Area Summary Panel

We’re building a new Area Summary that will highlight important Cost, Schedule, and Quality insights like cost discrepancies for key trades, delays, and key quality issues for any area in your project. No longer will you need to dive into the deep details to understand what’s happening in an area.

Support Custom Workflows and Analysis with Flexible Layouts

We’ve added dynamic panels within the app that let you resize or remove info from the screen so you can focus on what matters. Next, we’re going to allow you to turn all panels on and off so that you can create custom workflows and views of Avvir’s data. For example, you’ll be able to compare a trade’s progress to their installation issues all within the context of the BIM – no more switching back and forth between various views or inspection modes.

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