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January 19, 2022

The benefits of using Avvir to track and monitor your Data Center project

With the digitization of the global economy continuing at an exponential pace, organizations are laser-focused on protecting one of their most valuable assets - information.  Data Center construction projects are high-risk and highly complex.

The commercial viability for investment in data center projects is based on the reliability of the completed project. Customers demand that data centers meet strict guidelines for tier certification (TCCF I- IV) to match a particular business function and defined criteria for maintenance, power, cooling and fault capabilities. Monitoring construction progress, and in particular deviation against as-designed specifications, is critical in proactively ensuring completed data center projects will meet certification standards. 

Data center facilities vary in size depending on the planned usage. They may range up to a million square feet or more and occupy vast campuses covering many acres. With the complexities in design, infrastructure, and systems, it is critical for owner operators to have visibility on construction progress through each phase of the project. Monitoring each phase in construction involves tracking progress against schedule, identifying construction deviations to prevent costly re-work, and tracking project costs to manage cash flow. 

Avvir offers project owners, and their general contractor partners, a platform for managing large, complex data center construction projects. In addition to monitoring progress through the construction phase, the Avvir software also helps GC’s to develop critical documentation for handover requirements that support project operation and ongoing maintenance and renovations. Even sophisticated owners with multiple data center projects under their belt understand that managing construction quality is not easy. Each project brings its own unique complexities. However, the mega corporations commissioning the largest data centers understand the value of real-time progress tracking and frequently mandate standards for project management to ensure accuracy throughout construction. Platforms like Avvir have become a powerful tool to ensure that the quality of construction supports the commercial performance of completed projects.

Identifying problems in data center construction

Issues that impact data centers can be things such as:

A recent study of over 500 peer-reviewed projects in 65 countries cited problems in construction as a primary driver in poor data center performance.

Failing to address these issues that arise during a data center construction project means that they may impact facility operations and performance. The Avvir platform helps project owners and general contractors mitigate deviations from design in as-built construction by comparing LIDAR scans of as-built construction against as-designed BIM data. 

Interested in reading more? Download the data center eBook now to learn about tracking and monitoring data center project construction and how to use Avvir Inspect to prevent costly rework.

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