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October 31, 2023

Quarterly Product Releases and Updates - November 2023

Enhanced Clash results

We have enhanced our Clashing results. Everytime you select a clash in the Portal, you will now see what Not Built elements are impacted by that clash. We call those Not Built elements, Obstructions, colored light pink in our 3D model viewer. Avvir automatically provides these detailed Clashing results to all of its Inspect customers. Plus, users can edit Clashing information at any time in the portal.

Save time, and kick off processing on your own!

Have a scan that is already aligned to your BIM? You can now upload that scan and kick off processing all within the Avvir Portal. This means faster results on all of your Avvir Inspect projects! 

Reporting Technical Issues to Avvir

Users can now notify the Avvir team directly whenever they need help. Share details of the issue or send us feedback on the application. Your request will land directly in the hands of our product team who will address the issue immediately.

User Generated Inspect Reports

We have built a new Custom Deviation Reports feature that will revolutionize the way users analyze and report critical installation deviations, empowering them to take control of their projects and close the loop on installation errors before they lead to schedule delay. Users can effortlessly select critical deviations and clashes, and generate comprehensive reports with just a few clicks. Generated reports can be easily shared with team members, clients, or contractors. This feature promotes collaboration and efficient decision-making, as all stakeholders will have visibility to critical installation deviations that need attention, leading to faster resolutions and improved project outcomes.

Project Metrics

This is our new landing page. Use our new Metrics panel to see how your project is doing at a glance. When you’d like to dig deeper into the details, use ‘View in Explorer’ to navigate to the 3D model viewer.

Photos-only mode

Want to view the latest pictures from the field without the building model getting in the way? Now, you can close the 3D Viewer and browse photos from the minimap.

Collapse deviation filters

Have a lot of deviations? Want to see the full list on the page? You can now collapse the filters and make the deviations list easier to browse.

What’s Coming Soon


No more having to remember a username & password. Our single sign on will integrate with your existing authentication system to streamline your workflow.

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3 Tips for using BIM as a Database throughout the Project Lifecycle

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