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March 3, 2022

Quarterly Product Releases and Updates - February 2022

Q1 Product Releases: Introducing Avvir Onsite, Custom Work Breakdown Structures, Better Analysis Context and more

We’ve made great progress this quarter in improving both our Progress Quantification and Automatic Inspection products. For Progress Quantification, we’ve added the ability to use your project’s existing Work Breakdown Structure or Schedule of Values, so our analysis speaks your project language. For Automatic Inspection, we’ve made it easier to find what installation errors require immediate action and resolve the issues quickly. All of this is supported by improvements to our 3D model viewer.

More granular, accurate, and precise cost tracking and reporting with Custom Work Breakdown Structures or Schedule of Values

Avvir now supports custom Work Breakdown Structures or Schedule of Values within our platform, adding to our support for Uniformat and Masterformat. Now, our progress quantification and cost tracking speak the same language as your finance and construction teams, providing the first ever coherent and transparent link between the two. You can use this to quantify construction progress or verify trades’ self reported progress on a line-by-line item basis.

This is currently in alpha and we’re rolling out the beta shortly.

Understand which installation errors will cause downstream effects

Avvir provides the richest breadth and depth of data, but knowing what requires your attention right now is essential to preventing rework and protecting your project schedule. Now, Avvir includes clashing deviations, installation mistakes that will impede future work, in the context of your BIM so you know what requires immediate attention.

Prevent rework and protect your project schedule

Easier to act on data in Avvir

In addition to surfacing what requires immediate attention, we’ve made it easier to act. We’ve added the ability to quickly and easily download a screenshot of what you’re looking at in Avvir, so you can include it in a report or email. We’ve also added the ability to create an issue from Avvir directly in BIMTrack, a leading BIM Collaboration software.

Quickly and easily download a screenshot in BIMTrack

Quickly and easily download a screenshot in BIMTrack

Better Analysis Context

We’ve improved how you interact with your BIM and analysis in Avvir. We’ve increased the size of BIMs that we can support within a single model view and provided mini maps to help you orient where you are looking at in the BIM. We’ve added dynamic panels within the app that let you remove info from the screen so you can focus on what matters. We also now support 360° photos and point clouds from .e57 files.

Avvir Onsite

Our newest service offers construction managers a one-stop shop for reality capture needs, from traditional stationary 3D Lidar scanning, to 360° photo capture, to drone photography. Avvir Onsite’s 3D scanning and photo capture services provide enhanced findings both as a standalone product and in conjunction with our existing offerings.

Some of the new services being offered are:

You can learn more about Avvir Onsite here.

What’s Coming Soon

Faster turnaround time

We’re implementing many changes – from product to machine learning models – to increase our prediction accuracy, decrease the time to receive results, and accelerate the development of new analyses and features.

Do Not Track

Not everything in your BIM needs to be tracked and quantified. Our upcoming Do Not Track feature allows you to determine if certain parts of your building – really any elements in your BIM –  don’t need to be tracked and quantified by the Avvir platform.

Subcontractor Permissions

Invite your subcontractors to Avvir with confidence that they can only see the scope, whether in model or progress/cost tracking, assigned to them. Self managed permissions will allow you to invite or revoke access to anyone on your project.

Improved Coordination and Conversations within Comments

Whether it’s a problem with a trade’s self reported progress, an issue you see in a 360° photo, or an installation error from our Automatic Inspection, comments will let coordinate, discuss, and contextualize any analysis or insight

If you'd like to learn more about how customers are using Avvir, head over to the resource page, or check out our new case study on how DPR utilized Avvir for their latest data center project.

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