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July 18, 2023

Quarterly Product Releases and Updates - July 2023

Let’s see what our engineering group was up to in Q2!

Grouping Deviations

We’ve made it even easier to take action on critical deviations with a new grouping feature inside our Inspect product. This powerful addition to our toolset empowers users to efficiently manage and organize deviated elements within the Avvir platform. By grouping deviated elements, users can quickly identify and manipulate related objects as a collective entity. The result is a streamlined workflow in which users can more easily escalate and resolve critical installation issues in the field.

5D Recipes

Avvir is taking another game-changing step forward with our 5D Cost tracking capabilities. Our 5D product now enables users to track the cost associated with installation progress for both modeled and non-modeled items in a unified manner. This holistic approach ensures that no aspect of the project is overlooked, allowing for accurate and real-time cost tracking of the overall construction project. With this addition to our toolset, users can now seamlessly track the installation progress of items that are not present in the 3D model, providing a comprehensive view of the entire project's financial status.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

We’ve added some helpful shortcuts so that you can spend less time clicking buttons and more time analyzing data. Now, you can hide elements with the ‘x’ key, and return to Home View with the ‘h’ key. 

You can find a full list of our keyboard shortcuts here.

Enhanced Capture Tool 

Instant screenshots are even more valuable. Now, the Avvir generated images include element names and refined deviation information. Plus, we added a status legend in the left corner so that your snapshots are easy to share with your whole team.

Map Updates

We also updated our Map so that you can navigate through your BIM in 2D! Locate Clashes, and keep track of important Share-a-View points within your area’s floor plan. Now, when you select a spot on the floor plan, you will automatically move to that location in your 3D model.  And that is not all. You can now control what you see on the Map, even photos. Toggle your map layers On and Off to customize your view and optimize your workflow!

What’s Coming Soon:

Save time, and kick off processing on your own!

Have a scan that is already aligned to your BIM? Soon, you will be able to upload that scan and kick off processing all within the Avvir Portal. This means shorter turnaround time for results. The feature is in beta testing mode, so feel free to reach out if you'd like to learn more.

User Generated Inspect Reports

We’re building a new Custom Deviation Reports feature that will revolutionize the way users analyze and report critical installation deviations, empowering them to take control of their projects and close the loop on installation errors before they lead to schedule delay. Users will be able to effortlessly select critical deviations and generate comprehensive reports with just a few clicks. Generated reports can be easily shared with team members, clients, or contractors. This feature will promote collaboration and efficient decision-making, as all stakeholders will have visibility to critical installation deviations that need attention, leading to faster resolutions and improved project outcomes.

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